Cozy Apologia

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'Cozy Apologia - For Fred'

  • It is about how comfortable realtionship is which is shown by 'cozy' but also how she is happy and loved in it which is shown by the direct address.

'I could pick anything and think of you'

  • The hyperbole shows how her love is everywhere and creates a romantic mood

'Big Bad Floyd'

  • It is better to be happy and boring than exciting and destructive which is represented by the storm
  • They want to 
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  • Rita Dove wrote this poem for her husband 
  • Hurricane Floyd was a real hurrican in America 
  • Her husband is also a poet realting to them being so happy together
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'Of teenage crushes on worthless boys'

  • It is first person and talking about past relationships shows *** comfortable she is with Fred
  • It also suggests they are worthless in comparisson to him because he means so much to her
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'I could chose any hero, any cause or age'

  • Hyperbole shows that to her their love is incredible although she knows it is ordinary to everyone else

'Were thin as licorice and as chewy, /sweet with a dark and hollow center'

  • Simile shows her old relationships were empty and superficial but her love to Fred has substance

'Cussing up a storm. You're bunkered in your Aerie, I'm perched in mine'

  • Metaphor shows that they are safe from the storm which could represent the problems most couples face.
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'Heart' and 'apart'

  • The first stanzas has many rhyming couplets showing how they are happy and comfortable

 'Big bad floyd, who brings a host / Of daydreams'

  • In the second stanza the rhyming couplets are disrupted aftr the mention of Big Bad Floyd showing that he has disrupted there safe and cosy life

Third stanza

  • The last four lines rhyme representing life getting back to normal and how the disruption of the hurricane reminded them that they don't want anything to change
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