Countdown to world war 1

Bullet points of the key events leading to world war 1, with some explinations


Alliances under Bismarck


Franco Prussian war. Prussia defeats France, forms Germany in Versailles and take Alsace-Lorraine.


Bismarck forms the  dual alliance, Germany and Austria are now allied.


Bismarck adds Italy to the dual alliance.


Bismarck makes the 3 emperor's Alliance. (Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary)

Mediterranean Agreement between Britain and Italy. 

Under Bismarck, Germany has isolated France

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Key events

Kaiser takes over foreign policy


Reinsurance Treaty to lapse, Russia fear German attack


Kruger telegram - The telegram insulted to the British and the annoyed the germany government. Britain feels isolated


Weltpolitik - The policy that Germany should expand and develop a empire.


Flottenpolitik - 1st and 2nd naval law - Germany began to develop a huge navy, the Kaiser believed that by making Britain fear Germany, they would ally with them.

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Key events


Anglo French Entente - Britain and France 

Russo - Japanese war - Russia is beaten


Schlieffen Plan developed. 

First Moroccan Crisis - Kaiser goes to Morocco  and argues that they should be independant from France.

Treaty of Bjorko - Military treaty between Germany and Russia


Dreadnoughts (large warships) built

3rd naval law

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Key events


Triple Entente formed (Britain, France and Russia)

1908 - 1909

Austria anxiety towards Bosnia, Bosnia is backed by Russia, who is unlikely to back down after getting beat by Japan. Bismarck stooped the Austrian aggression before, but due to it's lack of allies, Bismarck feels it is vital to retain this last ally. 


Second morroccan crisis - Kaiser claims German people are in danger and sends a Panther (warship) to Morocco

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Key events


-4th naval law

-Anglo French Naval Agreement

-1st Balkans war 

-Imperial War council (nothing actually happened) Molke wants war, Tirpitz claims they're not ready for war yet. Arms race (1912 - 1914) Chancellor is not present.


-Treaty of london ends 1st Balkans War

-Second Balkans war erupts, Serbia grows

-Serbian trops enter Albania, but are pushed out by Austria

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28 June - Arch Duke assasinated

5 July - Germany gives Austria the blank cheque

23 July - Austrian Ultimatum to Serbia

25 July - Russia supports Serbia

26 July - Britain fails to mediate - Austria wants war

28 July - Austria vs Serbia

29 July - Austrian/Russian talks

- Tsar and Kaiser talk

- Tsar partial mobilization

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30 July  - Tsar can't do partial mobilization, only full or no mobilization

31 July - Schlieffen plan put in action 

- Russian ultimatum to Germany - Germany ignores Belgium neutrality

1 August - Germany vs Russia

2 August - Germany invades Luxemburgto get to Belgium

3 August - Germany Invades France and Belgium 

- Germany claims her borders are violated

4 August - Germany vs Britain

5 August - August vs Russia

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