Corporate Identity

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Corporate Identity

  • Names
  • Symbols
  • Brands 
  • Self-presentations

Is percieved by

  • Customer Image
  • Investor Image
  • Community Image
  • Employee Image


The reflection of the organisation in the eyes of the audience

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What is Corporate Identity?

  • Letter head
  • Uniforms
  • Livery
  • Signage
  • Interior and exterior of building
  • Literature
  • Advertisments
  • Annual reports
  • Products
  • Packaging

'Corporate identity is projected through all the points of public contact'

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How Organisations Express Identity

Corporate identity is a visual and experiential system which uses all points of stakeholder contact:

  • Staff
  • Permanent media - interior and exterior
  • Design
  • Culture
  • Behaviour
  • Product
  • Service quality
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Balmer, John and Grey, Edmund

  • Values and purposes
  • Corporate strategy
  • Organisational culture
  • Organisational structure
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What is it?

  • Controlled and defined by the organisation
  • Expressed by listing aims and values
  • Visualised through branding choices
  • Creates a sense of
    • Belonging
    • Cohesion
    • Empathy for customers, stakeholders, employees
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'The set of meanings by which a company allows itself to be known and through which it allows people to describe, remember and relate to it'

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Gray and Balmer

'The reality and uniqueness of an organisation, which is integrally related to its external and internal image and reputation through corporate communication'

'A well established corporate identity can result in consumers having stronger emotional ties to the organisation and greater trust and loyalty'

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Wally Ollins

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you do it
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Types of Corporate Identity

  • Monolithic
    • Use of single name and visual style throughout - IBM
  • Endorsed
    • Maintenance of a seperation between the subsidary companies and the activities it pursues, but endorses those activities by the addition of the group name and identity alongside that of the operation company - Snickers endorsed by Mars
  • Branded
    • A company that operates through a series of brands which may not be related to each other - Procter and Gamble
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  • Logos are a language of emotional respone
  • Symbols, shapes and colour all have conscious and unconscious meanings
  • Visual symbols or devices can be a powerful means of increasing awareness by facilitating easy recognition
  • A logo can be a focal point to summarise or encapsulate an organisation
  • A logo should be simple, ditinctive, easily recognisable, memorable and reducible, and work in black and white and colour
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What Role Does PR Play?

  • Creating
  • Changing
  • Managing
    • A corporate image, reputation, identity

'Plan and sustain effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding ' CIPR

  • Internal communications
  • Research and understanding
  • Two-way communication model
  • Planning - roadmap to change
  • Protocols and message control
  • Brand guidance
  • Uniformity of messaging
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