Construction of the railroads

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Coast to coast

The government payed $150,000 for the transcontinental railroad. Here's why:

  • Railroads could help keep law and order
  • Trade links could be made to ports
  • Help fulfil manifest destiny

Why was it a risks and problems?

  • They needed risked making a profit
  • Railroads crossed difficult land
  • Labourers lived and worked in bad conditions
  • There weren't enough labourers
  • Indians would attack and try to stop the railroads being built

The early impact:

  • There were six huge transcontinental lines
  • Branches went to isolated communites
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What were the benefits?

  • Lots of jobs were created
  • There was a big growth in industires for wood, iron and steel
  • Law enforcers could travel easily 
  • Technolgy for farming could be transported
  • Furniture and fabrics ect. could be brought West
  • Distnace markets could be traded with
  • Cattle ranching could grow
  • Relatives could contact far away family
  • New settlers could travel West

Plains Indians:

  • Freedom to roam was gone
  • Buffalo were hunted and killed
  • Ranches and homesteaders used more land
  • Indians turned hostile towards white Americans
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