Common Law

Explanation: Laws based on tradition, custom, and precedent a lot of the laws are made by judges to be used in later cases

Examples; Innocent until proven guilty, murder, heterosexual marriage

Advantages; Deals with issues when its unsure how statue law should be used. a foundation of the constitution and governs how governments work.

Disadvantages: undemocratic as its decided by unelected judges and can be overridden by statue.

Important?- thinks about things parliament haven't decided on.

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Statue law

Explanation: statue law is written law decided by Parliament. 

Examples:  Act of Parliament 1911, HOL cannot veto, delay of two years.

                   Scottish Parliament act 1998, devolution of powers.

Advantages:  parliament votes so we have a say. affects society and citizens. can change e.g gay marriage. written and official unlike conventions.

Disadvantages: some people believe eu law is becoming more important.

Important?- influences how society is governed and overrides all other sources

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Explanations: unwritten elements that are developed by custom and use.

Examples: The queen asks the leader of the largest party to form a government, Parliament is consulted prior to uk going to war

Advantages: traditional values, keeps the government running.

Disadvantages; change can break the constitution as its unwritten and cannot be preserved or stopped.

Importance: as important as a written constitution but can be overridden. 

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Treaties and Eu Law

Explanation:agreements  between people/ nations.

Examples: treaty of eu act 1993, eu communites act 1972

Advantages; Developed over time to benefit people

Disadvatnages: some people believe uk law is being overpowered by eu law and that we have no say in it. parlaiment is not soverign 

Importance: human rights act protect people such as workers.

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Authoritative works

Explanation: a series of textbooks detailing how we should be governed.

examples: A.V dicey and ................................................

Advantages; books have been edited to be flexible in the modern world. we lack a codified constitution so the advice is good as its written.

Disadvantages: some books are old and outdated. Not legally binding.

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