community cohesion


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key words + meanings

Community cohesion: a common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society.

Prejudice: making up your mind about individuals or groups before you know them.

Discrimination: acting on your prejudices and denying equal treatment to people.

Ethnic minority: an ethnic group or race that is smaller than the majority group.

Interfaith marriage: marriage between partners from different religions, e.g. a Christian marries a Muslim.

Multi-ethnic society: a society where members of different ethnicities or races are present.

Multi-faith society: a society where members of different religions are present.

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key words + meanings

Social harmony: where members of different groups within society live together in peace.

Racism: prejudices or discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity or race.

Racial harmony: where members of different ethnicities or races live together in peace.

Religious freedom: the ability to choose or change your religion freely, without pressure.

Religious pluralism: accepting all religions as having the right to exist together.

Sexism: prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of gender.

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Christian teachings on certain matters

Equal rights for women:

The Bible teaches that men and women are equal: "God created man in his own image...male and female, he created them." (Genesis 1:27)

Jesus lived in a male-dominated society but treated women with great respect, having female followers and companions, though his main disciples were men.

Some Christians believe that male and female roles should be different. In the Church of England, since 1995, women have been allowed to become priests.

In the Roman Catholic Church, they are still not allowed to be priests. This is due to St. Paul's teaching that: "Women should remain silent in churches. They are not allowed to speak." (I Corinthians 14:34)

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Christian teachings on certain matters

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