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-libraries at Alexandria had a vast collection of medical books

-great centre for learning and medcine during Roman and Greek times

-collected writing from Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and many other cutural writers

-Eventually there were 700000 different items in the library

-it became a great attraction for doctors and medical students and many traveled to Alexandria to see it

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Germ Thoery

-The Times, England published a report on 3rd June 1881

-Pateurs Germ Theory was quickly spread 

-Helped other scientists build on his ideas

-electric telegraph spread these ideas very quickly (early 1800s)

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Fleming Published Paper

-Fleming publishes his paper of penicillin 1929

-Florey and Chain read this article 1937

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Florence Nightingale

-newspapers published many stories about what Florence was doing in Crimea

-called her the Lady with the Lamp

-many supporters back in England

-supporters donated £45,000 to her cause

-she used this money to build a nursing school

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-developed hieroglyphics and papyrus 

-allowed doctors to record techniques

-treatments could be accurately passed on to other healers

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Printing Press

-Invented between 1440 and 1450

-Allowed medical ideas to be spread more widely

-Medical texts became more accessible

-Medical ideas spread quickly around Europe and further

-things could be writted in a range of languages (used to only be writted in Latin which many people couldn't speak

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