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BRIEF SUMMARY- Information received from our senses is processed by the brain and  this processing directs how we behave the way that we do.  These mental processes that cognitive psychologists focus on include memory, perception, thinking and language.

Principles of the Cognitive Area - 1. Internal mental processes are important in understanding behaviour. 2. Humans are like information processors; input, process, output. The output or behaviour is due to the mental processing which occurs. 3. Mental processing can be tested scientifically.

Strengths -1.Scientific & provides accurate unbiased data.2. Quantitative data 3.Useful – lots of practical applications e.g. when interviewing witnesses the police should avoid using leading questions

Weaknesses- 1. 
Reductionist - ignores biological causes of behaviour 2. Usually studied through laboratory experiments which may lack mundane realism and ecological validity 3. The only way to study mental processes is through self-report or the behaviours that are shown because of it.

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