Catholic Upbrining, Religious Experience, Teological Argument, Causation Argument

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Catholic Upbringing

  • Baptism - welcoming into church, vows, washing away original sin
  • Prayer at Home - primary socialisation, read the bible be thankful to God
  • Sunday Mass Weekly - establishes the morals and beliefs strnghtens faith with other followers
  • Catholic School - a Catholic ethos
  • Reconciliation - repent and say sorryfor sins and be humble
  • First Holy Communion - fully involved in mass and welcome Jesus into their hearts
  • Confirmation - receiving gifts of the Holy Spirit which the child chooses to do and takes responsibility of their own faith 
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Religious Experiences

 Numinous - a feeling of a greater presence which we may find astoning

Conversion - either from a faith to another faith or from atheist or agnostic into a faith and the second is when already a theist, deciding to dedicate one self to their faith

Prayer - a way of communicating with God, answered petitionaryprayers strenghten faith

Miracle - an event which breaks the laws of science and can only be explained by God

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Conversion Examples

Saul to St Paul - Before a Christian killing atheist, having encountered a numinous experience a light came to him and he had a conversion changing his name to Paul and become Christian.

John Pridimore -  a London former gangster who had a converstion and now preaches as a disciple of God around the world helping people to led go of their sin

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Teleological Argument

1. Evidence of design in the world

2. The design is fit for a purpose (telos - purpose)

3. This designer was God

Paley's Watch Analogy ->>> wakling on a beach we find a rock which we discart but having then found a watch we take it to look at only to see how complex the design of the watch is to fitfor its purpose of telling time.

He postulated that .... given the complexity of a watch denotes a watchmaker; the fact that the world is that much more intricate, must requare a universe maker who is God

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