Christian teachings

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honour your mother and your father - 10 commandments

you shall rise up before the greyheaded, and honour the aged.

Listen to your father who gave you life and do not hate your mother when  she is old 

you shall not kill

life is given by god and must be protected

I, your god, give you life and i can take it away.

dont you know that you yourselves are gods temple and that gods spirit lives in you? if anyone destroys god's temple, god will destroy him-corithians 

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Poverty and wealth

''there will always be some people who are poor and in need, and so i command you to be generous to them.''- Deutreronomy

god wants people not to be greedy-''at the end of seven years every creditor shall release what he has leant to his neighbor''- Deutreronomy

JUDGEMENT- at the final judgement god will judge you on how you have shown agape love

people equal, in the image of god, all one family, love thy neighbor


  • st paul- ''the love of money is the route of all evil''
  • jesus- ''you cant serve god and money''
  • jesus-(spiritual v material wealth) '' do not store up treasures on earth but in heaven''
  • the poor widow who gave
  • it is harder for a rich man to get into heaven than a camel to get through the eye of a needle

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Crime and punishment

  • aims of punishment
  •                                            protection of the public
  •                                            retribution
  •                                            deterrence 
  •                                            reformation
  •                                            vindication
  • types of punishment               community service 
  •                                             custodial sentences
  •                                             fines
  •                                             suspended sentences
  •                                             probation
  •                                             electronic tagging

PRISON-some chance to reform, protects public/high reoffending rate, criminals learn crim behavz

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT- deterrent, eye for an eye, cheaper, no chance of reform no danger to public, hate the sin love the sinner=jesus. adulterous woman let he who has not sinned cas the first stone 

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