Christian Festivals 1

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

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What do Christians prepare for in Advent?

They prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

What are the three comings that Advent remembers?

The coming of John the Baptist, the coming of Christ in to Bethlehem and the coming of Christ at the end of time as King adn Judge.

What colour is used and why?

Purple is used to show that it is time for preparation.

What is an Advent wreath?

Four candles are set in a wreath of greenery. Three of the outside candls are purple, one is pink and the central candle is white. The circel of evergreen leaves symbolises God's eternity. One candle is lit every Sunday. The first candle stands for hope, the second peace, the third joy (pink), the fourth for love and the white is to mark the birth of Christ.

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What are the Liturgical colours used at Christmas?

White and Gold

When is the final candle on the Advent Wreath lit?

At the first mass of Christmas

What happens at a Christmas Mass?

There is a service of nine readings about the birth of Jesus and carols are sung. People who do not usually attend Mass attend Christmas mass.

What happens on Christmas Day Mass?

Christians attend and receive Holy Communion.

Why are gifts given at Christmas?

Jesus is the greatest gift from God- we give to show our gratitude for God's gift.

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When is Epiphany?

12 days after Christmas

What does it symbolise?

The visitation of the Maji to the baby Jesus. The Maji are placed on the nativity scene at Epiphany.

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The meaning of Christmas

What does Christmas celebrate?

Celebrates the Incarnation. The belief that the second person of the trinity became a human being in the person of Jesus- God became flesh.

What does this tell us about God?

That God understands human pain and emotions. He never rejects us but comes in search for is, becoming human out of love. Jesus came to teach and show God's love and to become the perfect sacrifice for sin upon the cross.

What is Christmas about?

The need for a saviour, the we need rescuing form the darkness of our sins by the coming of Christ, the light of the world and hope for the nations.

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