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easter is the most important christian festival,but christmas is the most popular.The bible does not say the exact date that jesus was born so the romans picked the 25th december.Christians get ready for christmas four sundays before this is called lent.some churches light a candle each sunday.The fifth candle is lit on christmas day, it is important because the light symbolises jesus.Christmas remembers the nativity story.

How christmas is celebrated by christians          

The nativity is re-inacted showing the birth of jesus

Midnight mass is celebrated at the church

lighting the 5th candle of the advent wreath

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has christmas  become too materialisric

this means christmas is all about buying gifts.Christians do not agree with christmas becoming about buying gifts they think its a time when families and friends should be together

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Easter - jesus' death and resurrection

jesus died to forgive our sins for dying on the cross he took responsability for all the things that we do wrong so we can ask for forgiveness and it will be given.The ressurection shows that death is not the end- we will have life after death in heaven.

Holy week is the week up to and including the crusifixtion and ressurection. The key events are ........

Palm sunday- jesus and his deciples are travelling to jursulem for the jewish festival of passover.This was a dangerous thing to do as he knew that the jewish authorities wanted to get rid of them they were threatend by his popularity and were angry about some of the things he was teaching as the thought that they were 'un-jewish'.Jesus rode a donkey while his followers put palm leaves on the road.

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monday to wednesday jesus taught his followers

maudy thursday the last supper jesus ate the passover meal with his diciples.he told them that one of them would betray him to the jewish authorities.At the meal they ate bread and drank wine . jesus told his diciples to do this after his death to remember him and the bread would symbolise his body and the wine his blood.

Good friday jesus was sentenced to death by crusifixtion.he was nailed to the cross and died.

easter sunday  some of jesus' female followers went to his tomb to prepare his body.They found the body had gone.Jesus appeared to the women and told them he would be ressurected.He appeared to the diciples a few times after the next few days.

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This resource has a basic error - Lent is associated with Easter, not Christmas.  Advent is the time for preparation for Christmas, beginning four Sundays before Christmas

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