Chemistry Unit 1

Stuff I should know for OCR Unit 1 Chemistry AS Level

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Definitions Questions



Relative atomic mass


Molar mass

Empirical formula

Molar volume


Acid and Base

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Definitions Answers

Same no. of protons and electrons, but diff. no. of neutrons

Postively or negatively charged atom/group

Weighted mean mass of an atom compared to the mass of 1/12th of carbon-12

Amount of substance containing the same number of atoms as 12g of carbon-12

Mass per mol of substance

Simplest whole number ratio of atoms present in a compound

Volumer per mole of gas (24dm-3)

Molar relationship between relative quantities of a substance in a reaction

Acid = proton donor                         Base = proton reciever

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Bond Angles

Trigonal planar ( 120 degrees

Tetrahedral         ( 109.5 degrees

Octahedral        ( 90 degrees

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Bond Angles

Pyramidal      ( = 107 degrees

Non-linear / Bent    ( = 104.5 degrees

Linear          ( = 180 degrees

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