Chemistry non - metals

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What name is given to row 0 of the periodic table?

Noble Gases

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What are the uses of Helium?

-  Party Balloons

-  Air Ships

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Problems with using argon?

Because argon is so unreactive the bulb can get very hot without any chance of reaction

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What are the properties of Helium?

- Very low density 

- Very unreactive 

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What is Neon used for?

Advertisment Signs 

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What are the properties of Neon?

gives out light when electricity is passed through it

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What is argon used for?

- Light Bulbs 

- Welding 

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What are the properties of Argon?

- very unreactive 

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What is the name given to row 7 of the periodic ta

The Halogens 

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chlorine can be obtained from compounds found in sea water. Chlorine can be obtained from this by electrolysis. however the amount of iodine compounds in sea water is much lower as it is not economically viable ( too expernsive ) 

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Uses of Fluorine?

- Toothpaste 

- Mouthwash 

- Fluoride tablets 

- added to some water supplies 

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Properties of fluoride?

Prevent tooth decay 

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Problems with adding Fluoride to water supplies

- some people disagree with adding fluoride to drinking water because it  removes thier freedom of choice 

- high doses can harm teeth 

- could lead to illnesses like stomach cancer 

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Uses of Chlorine?

- added to drinking water to kill bacteria 

- added to swimming pools to kill bacteria 

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Properties of Chlorine?

- Toxic so kills bacteria 

but it has to be closely monitored so that it doesnt harm people 

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uses of iodine?

used as a antiseptic to kill of bacteria 

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What is the hydrogen equation?

Hydrogen + Oxygen -> water

2 H2 + O2 -> 2 H2O

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Why is Petrol and Diesel so expensive?

they are non renewable 

meaning that is can only be used once

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advantages of using hydrogen as car fuel

- forms only water vapour on burning so doesnt contribute to global warming 

- lots of energy is released when its burned 

- its is a renewable source

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disadvantages of using hydrogen as a car fuel

- hydrogen is easily ignited

- it is hard to store enough energy for long journeys 

- hydrogen is explosive and dangerous when storing large amounts 

- hydrogen is expensive to extract from water because you need to use electricity to extract it and electricity is very expensive when using large amounts 

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