Characters from "Of Mice and Men"

A synopsis of the main characters from "Of Mice and Men"

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  • Animal-like and child-like
  • Panics under pressure
  • Big and strong
  • Likes to stroke soft things
  • Doesn't know his own strength
  • Doesn't understand death
  • Dream=rabbits, George's method of control
  • Hands= paws
  • Only sees right and wrong through the application of the dream
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  • Angry and sharp-featured
  • Looks after Lennie but is still lonely
  • Reflects the effect of society on the individual: Depression makes peple self centred and changes them for the worse
  • Guilt for treatment of Lennie
  • TAkes responsibility away from Lennie for his actions
  • Goes to a brothel- already given up on the idea of the dream
  • Encourages Lennie to defend himself even though he knows Lennie's stength and the harm he can do
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Curley's Wife

  • Never has a name - only descibed in terms of sex/temptation
  • Waers red - danger/warning
  • Lonely - left behind - nobody ever talks to her
  • No-one cares about her
  • Pigeon rather than a dove flies away when she dies
  • Dream - to be a movie star - get everything for nothing
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  • represents the uncaring nature of society
  • Forced Candy to kill his dog
  • "A powerful, Big-stomached man"
  • "What the hell d'ya spose is eating those two guys" - after George has shot Lennie! Harsh, uncaring attitude
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  • Racism and loneliness
  • Treated like an animal "they say i stink"
  • Knows nobody cares about him
  • main function - to show prejudice and loneliness
  • Realist - understands society because of what he has been through
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  • Belives he is superior
  • Pride, Arrogant
  • Bosses' son
  • Similar to GEorge in appearance and behaviour
  • Treats wife like a possession sexual object -doesn't care about her
  • Bully - Lennie and his wife - Gets people sacked "canned"
  • "Glove fulla vaseline"
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  • Old - discriminated against
  • Bullied by others
  • Likes to gossip- quite malicious
  • Childlike character
  • Believes the most in the dream - he hasn't got anything else left
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