Changing Patterns

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Reasons for Increase in Divorce

  • Cheaper - no economical-aftermath worries for those separating
  • Secularisation - less influence from religion to stay married/not to remarry
  • Women - more freedom; choice to divorce (7/10 filed by women
  • Laws - change in laws has made it easier to divorce
  • Norms - altered attitudes towards divorce, so now seen as normal
  • Options - now have the option to divorce
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Reasons for Decline in Marriage

  • Economical - £24,000+ on average for a wedding
  • Social attitudes - acceptance of co-habitation
  • Secularisation - less influence from religion
  • Women - less economically dependent; more choice
  • Fear of divorce - remain unmarried to avoid divorce
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Reasons for Increase in Co-habitation

  • Women - less financially dependent; freedom
  • Secularisation - no longer a sin to live out of wedlock
  • Norms - 'young person's game' (88% of 18-42 year olds agree)
  • Options - choice not to marry
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Reasons for Increase in Same-Sex Couples

  • Laws - decriminalisation of male homosexuality
  • Social attitudes - more tolerance
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Reasons for Increase in Single-Parent Families

  • Secularisation - no longer have to live in a family (two parents) with a child; dwindling influence of religion
  • Women - more choice as to whether they raise a child in a two-parent family
  • Options - option of divorce/not to have a partner
  • Norms - tolerance/acceptance of single-parents
  • Laws/economics - absent parent still has to pay for the upkeep of the child, therefore more financially viable to be a single-parent
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Ethical Differences in Family Patterns

Black Families

  • Female single-parent families
  • Child stayed with mother during slavery
  • High male unemployment so unable to provide for the familu

Asian Families

  • Larger households of 3-4.4 persons per household
  • Mainly nuclear but can be extended
    • More children due to lower male age profile (childbearing age)
    • Bean-pole family
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