Cases for Recognised medical conditions


R v Byrne


  • Abnormality of the mind 
  • The resonable person would deem it abnormal 
  • setence reduce from murder to manslaughter 

R v Byrne sets out the modern test for abnormality of the mind:

"a state of mind so different from ordinary human beings that the reasonable person would term it abnormal."

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R v Martin


  • Personality disorder amounts to abnormality of the mind 
  • it impairs mental responsibilities 
  • murder conviction quashed 

Paranoia amounts to Diminished responsibility.

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R v Campbell


  • Murder conviction quashed + retrial ordered.

Epilepsy can amount to Diminished responsibility

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R v Gittens


  • convicted of manslaughter for diminished responsibility. 

Depression can amount to Diminished responsibility.

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R v Reynolds


  • D was sentenced with manslaughter with diminished responsibility. 

Post Natal depression can amount to Diminished responsibility.

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R v Bradley (2007)


  • Post traumatic stress disorder can amount to Diminished responsibility
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R v Reynolds (2004)


  • Asperger's syndrome can amount to Diminished responsibility.
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