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Why Did Steelworks Locate In Bilston?

Why Did Steelworks

Locate In Bilston?

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-Steelworks was labour orientated and located in Bilston near houses which provide a cheap and skilled labour force

-When steelworks closed in 1981 over 3,000 people were made redundent, population of bilston at the time was 35,000

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Steelworks was market orientated, many factories nearby depended on steel, these included: Babcocks, Thompson, and Beldrays

-Steelworks could transport steel to market quickly, easily and cheaply

-When Steelworks closed, the companies around it closed = increased unemployment

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-Located in Bilston because Iron ore was available here 

-Located on a coal feild as coal was needed to heat the furnace

-Steelworks closed as Iron ore and coal was depleted. so it had to transport in the area which increased cost of steel. Companies began to buy coal from oversea's as it was cheaper, Bilston Steelworks could not compete so closed down...

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