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Narborough Road, Leicester

  • Narborough road runs south west from the CBD to the M1.
  • along Narborough road many different types of shop can be found.
  • in the CBD are mainly chain shops and department stores eg. Primark.
  • Westcotes is the inner city ward. 
  • Westcotes is where the shopping pardes can be found along the A46 as well as many corner shops. 
  • in the suburbs, neighborhood shopping parades can be found in estates within the Rowley Fields ward.
  • There is an out of town shopping centre named Fosse Park. This can be found at junction 21 of the M1 where a number of shops can be found here such as Asda. 
  • These are a problem for local shop owners.

Key words:

  • Sphere of influence                         
  • high/ low order goods 
  • convienience 
  • accesibility  
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Camberley, Surrey

  • Urban area in the western part of surrey 
  • 31 miles south west of central London 
  • Old dean & St.Pauls wards
  • st.Pauls dominant age group - 44 - 65 year olds.
  • Old deans dominant age group - young families 
  • St. Pauls : 81.6% 5+ A*-C GCSE's ( well educated)
  • St. Pauls: Detached - owner occupied 82.7%
  • Old Dean: Semi Detached - 54.6%

      Tenure - Tenure is the legal right to live in a house. housing tenure is usally split into; council housing, owner occupied and private rented.

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Access to mosques in Barcelona, Spain

  • There are 16 mosques in Barcelona. 
  • 10 of which are clustered in Ciutat Vella.
  • Where as only 3 can be found in El Raval.
  • 27.6% of poeple living in Ciutat Vella are muslim imigrants from Morrocco and Pakistan.
  • Ciutat Vella and El Ravel are both some of the cheapest districs of Barcelona. 
  • As immigrants do low paid work and can't afford to live in richer areas in Barcelona they are forced into these to districs - hence the reason for so many mosques close together. 
  • The districs also have many shops which cater for the Muslim population such as Halal buthchers. 
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Ceara Province to Sao Paulo

  • Rural to Urban migration. 
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Brazil is located in South America. 
  • People migrate from the Ceara Province to Sao Paulo. 

Push factors

  • Creation of reserviors has pushed people from their lands.
  • Drought has caused crop failure.
  • Life expectancy is low 55 years.
  • Education is poor. Adult literacy 51%. 
  • Medical care is very poor. Infant mmortality of 112 per 1000.
  • There are very few jobs other than faarming for sugar.

Pull factors

  • Many job opportunities. 
  • Medical care is better, fewer than 57 deaths per 1000 for infant mortality.
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