C11 - Earth's Atmosphere


C11 - Earth's Atmosphere

C11 - Earth's Atmosphere...

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Earth's Atmosphere...

  • Early Atmosphere: 
  • water vapour cooled and condensed - forming oceans. 
  • Carbon dioxide and methane - Volcanoes
  • Amonia

Water Vapour - 74%

Carbon dioxide - 12%

Nitrogen - 5% 

Other - 9%

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Earth's Atmosphere...

Volcanoes released methane, CO2, Nitrogen - created atmosphere.

No oxygen at this time 

Ocean formed as water vapour condensed when the Earth cooled. 

Would have remained stable if no living things came along....

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How the Atmosphere changed....

increase in oxygen and decrease in CO2 (Photosynthesis) 

Life started - bacteria and they used chemicals as energy. 


Bacteria, algae and plants produced oxygen in atmosphere.

oxygen poisened poisend things that weren't used to it.

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Locked up carbon...

CO2 dissolves in Oceans

CO2 absorbed by plants - organic matter

Dead organic matter - heated and crushed into rock and fossil fuels. 

Bye Methane! - Oxygen took it over.

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Atmosphere Today...

  • CO2 increasing - burning fossil fuels
  • Methane increase - agricultre, landfil.
  • Water - clouds trap heat
  • Human demand
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Atmospheric polloution

Sulfur dioxide - Asthma, inflames airways of lungs. 

Carbon menoxide - Starved of oxygen, drowsy, dizzy, loose conciousness, sticks to red blood cells.

Nitrogen oxide - Astmha, acid rain. 

Particulates - Damage lung cells, causes cancer. 

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Atmospheric polloution

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