Revision cards to help with the stages of mitosis relevant to the WJEC board.

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Interphase is the stage when the cell is carrying out it's normal activity. Examples of this is:

  • Chromosomes replicate
  • Organelles are produced
  • ATP synthesis occurs
  • Protein synthesis occurs
  • DNA is doubled
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Prophase is the first stage during mitosis.

  •  The chromosomes become visible due to the chromatin condensing.
  • Centrioles move to the opposite pole and start to form spindles
  • The nuclear envelope disintegrates
  • The nucleolus disappears.
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This is the second stage of mitosis.

  • The chromosomes arrange themselves at the equator of the cell
  • The spindle fibres attach themselves to the centromere.
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This is the third stage of mitosis.

  • The spindle fibres contract and seperate the sister chromatids and move them to opposie poles
  • They are now called sister chromosomes
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This is the final stage of mitosis.

  • The spindle fibres break down
  • The nuclear envelope re-forms and the nucleolus reappears. 
  • The chromosomes uncoil and lenghten to form chromatin

At the end of telophase the cell splits (cytokinesis) to form two identicle daughter cells

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  • Repair and replace cells and tissues
  • It is important in the growth of organisms
  • Asexual reproduction e.g. plants
  • Genetic stability - produces identicle offspirng
  • Two identicle daugher cells
  • Diploid daughter cells produced.
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