BUSS2 Formula Sheet

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Profit Calculations

Percentage Change in Profit =  Current Year's Profit - Previous Year's Profit     x100
                                                   Previous Year's Profit

Gross Profit = Revenue - Variable Costs

Net Profit = Revenue - (Fixed Costs + Variable Costs)

Net Profit Margin (%) = Net Profit   x100

Return on Capital Employed (%) = Net Profit      x100
                                                 Capital Employed

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Measuring Workforce Effectiveness

Labour Productivity = Output per period
                                 Number of employees

Absenteeism (%) = Number of staff days lost   x100
                                Number of working days

Labour Turnover = Number of staff leaving
                              Average number of staff employed

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Capacity Utilisation

Capacity Utilisation (%)=  Output   x100

Unti Cost = Total Costs

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Price Elasticity of Demand = % change in quantity demanded  
                                              % change in price

Income Elasticity of Demand = % change in quantity demanded
                                                  % change in real incomes

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Mean number= Add all data values
                       Total number of values

Median number = Middle number of data once in numerical order

Modal number = Most common value from the data

Percetage Change = new figure - previous figure   x100
                                   previous figure

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