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Labour Turnover

Labour turnover

Number of emplyees left/Total number of employees x100

This is the ratio of the number of people leaving an organisation within a given period of time to the number of employees on the payroll

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Labour Productivity

Labour Productivity=

total output/number of employees

This is the amount of output produced by each worker

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number of days taken off for unauthorised absence/total days worked by workforce over the period x100

This is the percentage of unauthorised absences over the period of time

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Capacity Utilisation

Capacity utilisation

actual level of output/maximum possible output x100

This is the percentage of capacity that is actually being used out of the capacity that is available

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Gross profit/gross profit margin

Gross Profit/Gross Profit Margin

Gross profit= revenue-variable costs

Gross profit margin= gross profit/revenue x100

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Net profit/net profit margin

Net Profit/Net Profit Margin

Net profit= revenue-total costs

Net profit margin= net profit/revenue x100

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