Buddhism Key Points

These cards include the bases of buddhists beliefs

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The Beggining (the first Buddha)

Sidartah Gottama was the first buddha.

He was brought up completely innocent

In a trip away from the palace he saw 4 sights.

The four sights were an old man, a sick man, a dead man and a holy man (aescetic)

He ran away from his palace.

He met five aescetics and joined them.

He Realised that extremes wern't the best path.

He followed the middle way.

He reached enlightenment

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The Three Jewels/Refuges and The Four Nobel Truths

The Three Jewels/Refuges

The Buddha

The Darmah (the teachings)

The Sangah (the comunity)

The Four Nobel Truths

Dukkha - There is suffering

Tanha - Suffering is caused by selfish craving

Niroda - There is a way to stop suffering

Magga - The escape is the Middle Way

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The Eight-Fold path/The Middle Way

Right action

Right speach

Right view

Right intention

Right livelyhood

Right thought

Right effort

Right concentration

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The Five Precepts and The Three Universal Truths

The Five Precepts

I understand to refrain from sensual/sexual misconduct

I understand to refrain from intoxicating substances

I understand to refrain from taking that which is not given freely

I understand to refrain from taking a life

I understand to refrain from speaking that which is not the truth

The Three Universal Truths

Anicca - Contant change

Anatta - No self

Dukkha - Suffering

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Words and definitions

Anicca - constant change

Anatta - no self

Nirvana - enlightenment

Buddha - enlightened one

Samsarah - cycle of rebirth

Karma - cause and effect

Dukkha - there is suffering

Tanha - suffering is caused by selfish craving

Niroda - there is an escape from suffering

Magga - the escape is the eight-fold path

Metta - loving kindness

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