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Measurable- looking at analytics, seperate phone lines, different promotional codes for different media forms, asking customers where they found the website.




E.g to sell 50 chairs between Jan 1 and Feb 1st. 

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Marketing Terminology

Brand Extension - adding new product ranges to a recognised brand name. Consumers will be familiar to the  brand and are more likely to try their products.

Brand Value- the brand name adds value to the product which means less is spent on advertising.

Brand Personality - how a brand is associated in relation to human charecteristics. 

USP- what makes a brand stand out e.g different features.

Budgetary Constraints and availability of Specialist staff

Market Segmentation

Demographic - based on demographic variables e.g age, gender, lifestyle, religon, profession.

Income-  different economic groups, e.g by disposable income.

Behavioural-  based on the ways customers view or respond to a product

Geographical- different geographical units e.g nations, religions, neigbourhoods.

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Answering budget element ( 8 marks)

1) State and acknowledge what the budget is.

2) Justify the reasoning behind why you youv'e each type of media.

3) Provide research on how much each type of media costs to advertise with.

4) Present information in a table or list.

5) Justify futher why each stragety will work. 

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1) produce a gantt chart ( including key) or a calendar, which includes months and the different marketing events and timings.

2) Explain why each stage is important and why you are doing it at that time..

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Marketing Messages

A marketing message should :

Capture the attention of the market

Identify the needs of the target market.

Provide a breif description of the product.

Describe the benefits of the product.

Give message credibility

State the action which the consumer needs to take.

Use elements of the marketing mix to identify how they will be incoporated into the marketing campaign.

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Activity 1 Rationale


3 SMART targets and explain why their appropriate. ( 8 marks, 20 minutes) 

Research of market, show understanding and use research ( include links and comment on validility).Talk about competitors and how they affect your business. Comment on what trends to use to your advantage . Closing paragraph on why sources are valid and reliable.

SWOT and PESTLE, use terminology. Use research and reference. ( 35 minutes , 12 marks)

Justify, evaluate findings and comment on why youv'e made the decisions, refrence the SWOT and PESTLE and data.


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Activity 2 , Marketing Campaign

Marketing message, explain who target market is using research and why your aiming the campaign at that group. 

7PS. (Price, product, proccess, physical , place, people , promotion)

Media, detailed paragrpahs on why each media has been chosen. Justify choices and why their appropiate, refrencing research. ( 1 hour)

Budget, use most of budget and explain leftover amounts. DON'T OVERSPEND. Provide breakdown of costs and explain. ( 20 minutes)

Timescale- gantt chart, explanations. ( 10 minutes)

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