Bowlby's monotropic theory

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Bowlby's monotropic theory

AO1: Evolutionary approach to explaining attachment. How and why attachment forms:



Sensitive period rather than critical- According to Bowlby, it shouldn't be possible to form attachments after between 3-6 months. Rutter et al shows this is true to an extent. It appears less likely that attachment will form but it is not impossible.

Supports continuity hypothesis- Sroufe et al followed partticipants from infancy to late adolescence. Found continuity between early attachment and later emotional/social behaviour. Those classified as more securely attached, were found to more socially competent, less isolated and more empathetic. Supports CH as there is a link between early and later attachments

Multiple vs monotropy- All attachments are simply integrated into one IWM. This may not be very different from what Bowlby intended. Secondary attachments do contribute to social development but healthy development requires one above the rest, at the top of the hierarchy. Grossman & Grossman suggests key role for fathers as secondary attachments and in social development.

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