Boom Industries

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Building of infulstructure

Linked to motor car industry as roads needed to be built- Federel highways act

Suburban growth started to develop

People could live further away from the cities

Skyscrapers showed off prestige- especially for businesses

Chrysler building -ALEN

40 Wall Street- SEVERENCE

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Construction continued...

Construction howeer was struggling by 1926, thus it can not be considered a boom industry for the whole period

FLORIDA LAND BOOM- work started yet money ran out so majority of projects had to be left unfinished

This showed weaknesses in the economy, was not doing as well as people thought

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1927- first transatlantic flight

Lots of planes left over in America from the war, these got changed into commercial fights

Built 20,000 planes a year

Carryied 400,000 people a year

development of mail transport

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Stock Market

People could buy and sell shares in a company, many banks would lend people money to buy them. Most people only had to provide 5% and the banks would pay the rest.

From this they would be able to recieve a share of the profits

The Stock market itself was based in New York

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