Birth and Death Rate


High Birth Rate

  • Lots of babies and Young Children Die, so many have to be born to survive.
  • Children are needed to support parents in old age.
  • Children are needed to work and earn money.
  • Some cultures and traditions value large families.
  • Lack of family planning.
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Low Birth Rate

  • High survival rates (better hospitals, etc.) mean that people don't need to have 'extra' children.
  • Family planning means that people can plan the size of their families.
  • Greater wealth means that children are not needed to earn money.
  • Women chose to have childern later in life.
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High Death Rate

  • Famines
  • Lck of medicines, doctors and hospitals.
  • Diseases caused by poor living conditions and diet.
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Low Death Rate

  • Better hospitals and living conditions means fewer babies die.
  • Medicines, especially vaccinations, reduce diseases and help people live longer.
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