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Animal Cells

Animal Cells are made up of five main parts. these parts are:

1. Ribosomes: Where PROTEIN is made

2. Nucleus: the CONTROL center

3. Mitochondria: through which energy is released for respiration

4. Cytoplasm: where chamical reactions happen

5. Cell Membrane: Allows things into and outof cells

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Plant Cells

Plant cells are made up of eight main Parts. these parts are:

1. Nucleus: the CONTROL center

2. Chloroplasts: where CHLOROPHYLL is made

3. Permanent Vacuole

4. Cytoplasm: where chemical eractions happen

5. Ribosomes

6. Cellulose Cell Wall: to give the cell shape

7. Cell membrane: allows things into and out of cells

8. Mitochondria: through which energy is released for respiration/photosynthesis

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Differences between Plant and Animal cells

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