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For a balanced diet we must consume enough of the below;

Carbohydrates- for energy

Fats- for insulation and energy

Protein- for growth, cell repair/replacement

Fibre- to keep the digestive system healthy

Vitamins and Minerals- to keep our skin, bones and blood healthy.

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Metabolism- Chemical reactions within the body.

Metabolic Rate- The speed at which the chemical reactions occur.

Muscle requuires more energy than fatty tissue. So someone he has a higher proportion of muscle to fat have a larger Metabolic rate. Regular excercise can boost the resting metabolic rate. During excercise the MBR is boosted and stays high for a while after.

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Factors Affecting Health

People who have an unbalanced diet are MALNOURISHED.

This can mean them being overweight or underweight.

Obesity-Excess carbohydrates and fats can lead to obesity.

Hormonal problems can lead to obesity.

Usual causes- bad diet, overeating and lack of excercise.

Health problems cased by obesity- Arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Too much saturated fat can lead to high bloood pressure.


Problems caused- Slow growth, fatigue, poor resistance and irregular periods in women. Deficancy diseases e.g scurvy caused by the lack of vitamin C.

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Factors Affecting health

Lack of excercise-

Excercise uses energy, so decrease the amount stored in your body. It also helps build muscle which boost the metabolism. People can be physically fit but not healthy, this can be caused by a bad diet.

Inherited Factors-

Underactive thyroid gland, which lowers the metabolism.

Inherited blood cholesteral, cholesteral is a fatty substance which is essential for good health.

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