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when the ovary swells up it is forming fruit

fruit is anything that contains seeds

testa: protective coat

embryo: baby

Cotyledon : is the food storage

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plant reproduction

male sex cell: pollen

female sex cell: ovules

when pollen and ovuales get together its pollenation

plants are asexual and only have one parent

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pollination is when pollen goes from the male bit of the plant to the female bit

wind pollination: grass, small flowers

insect pollination:bigger flowers dafodiles, lillys

plants can self pollinate but dont as not much variation

dont cross pollinate

daisy and daisy (:

daisy and dafodile:(

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1)insect brings pollen to plant

2)pollen sticks to stigma (female)

3)goes down style

4)nucleus of pollen goes to egg nucleus

5) fuse together and this is fertilisation

a new flower is formed

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need to be spread out 

wind dispersal: sycamore

explosian: peas

animal1: excreation: tomatoes

animal2: hooks: lourdock


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