GCSE unit1 biology

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Healthy bodies

A healthy diet contains...

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the right balance of the different foods you need provides the right amount of energy.

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Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are used by the body to...

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release energy and to build cells

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Mineral ions and vitamins are needed in ...

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small amounts for healthy functioning of the body

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A person is malnourished if their...

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diet is not balanced

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Malnourishment may lead to...

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a person being under or overweight and deficiency diseases (type II diabetes)

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The metabolic rate is...

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the rate at which the all chemical reactions in the cells of the body are carried out.

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Metabolic rate varies with....

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the amount of activity you do, inherited factors and the proportions of muscle to fat in your body

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In the developed world                            food and                            exercise are leading to high levels of                  and the diseases linked to excess weight like _____ _ ______.


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In the developed world too much food and too little exercise are leading to high levels of obesity and the diseases linked to excess weight like type II diabetes.

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A person loses mass when...

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the energy content of the food taken in is less than the amount of energy expended by the body.

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