Biology cells


Types of cells and their insides

Eukaryotic cells- have nucleus, plant and animal cell    Prokaryotic- smaller and simpler, bacteria

animal cells- ribosome, cytoplasm, cell membrane, mitochondria, nucleus 

plant cells- same as animal with cell membrane, cell wall, permanent vacuole, choloplasts

bacteria- cell wall, ribosomes, dna, cell membrane, plasmid dna, flagellum, cytoplasm 

ribosomes- protein synthesis     nucleus- genetic material 

cell membrane-controls movement in and out of cells

cytoplasm- where chemical reactions are contains nutrients

Mitochondria- contains enzymes foe respiration, where energy released 

chloroplast- contains pigment absorbs light for photosynthesis 

cell wall- strengthens and supports 

permeant vacuole- filled with cell sap to keep cell turgid

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