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Ecology = the study of living organisisms in their environment

Biogeography = patterns and distribution of life on the earth and its processes

Abiotic = non living

Biotic = living competition

Intraspecific = within species

Interspecific = between speciies

Ecosystem engineers = adapt their environment and create new niches for other species

Habitat = physical and chemical factors an animal experiences with the resources it needs to survive

Niche = Biotic and Abiotic factors and the animals interactions within the environment

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Measure of species richness not abundance

Disturbances cause habitats to form. Without them it would be competitive exclusion in which there is a species that it high in the food chain leaving no competition so no biodiversity. If there are disturbances it stops competitive exclusion as it creates different habitats.

Simpson Index:

  • Calculating the odds that if two individuals were picked at random they would be of different species 

    D = 1 – [ ∑s ( ns / Nt)2 ]

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