• lipids are macromolecules (not polymers)
  • lipids are important molecules in living cells because they have a high energy yield and so act as an important energy source, this can then be respired
  • all lipids are made up of th elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
  • lipids dont dissolve in water because they are hydrophobic
  • all biological membranes are made up of lipids
  • lipids act as an insulating layer, forming thermal insulation under the skin of mammals
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  • triglycerides are large molecules because they have long hydrocarbon tails
  • a triglyceride is NOT a polmer because it is made up of 4 smaller molecules that AREN'Tsimilar to eachother
  • triglycerides are efficient energy stores and not water soluble so they dont affect the water potential of the cell 
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ester bonding

the bond formed when an organic base (eg. fatty acid) joins to an alcohol (eg. glycerol) by a condensation reaction

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