Bay Of Pigs

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What Happened?

1500 Cuban exiles were involved. They faced an opposition of 10 to 1.

The CIA trained and financed the exiles.

The Cubans did expect an invasion, but non of them knew where it was going to land.

The Cuban exiles' plans where: to sneak ashore, virtually unopposed. They would then secure the area, take the airfield and fly in a government-in-exile. They would then call in for US support; at the same time, they relied on a mass uprising in Cuba against the revolutionaries.

The flaws in their plans where: when they lit a beacon to show the exiles where to land, it alerted the Cuban military of their presense. A local fisherman raised the alarm. To rely on a mass uprising was an unrealistic expectation because the Cubans were happy to be Communist.They were also happy that USSR had given them a lot of things whereas America had abandoned them.

Fidel Castro took charge of the operation and sent out weapons and the Cuban air force. John F Kennedy wanted to hide America's involvement so did not send backup for the Cuban exiles.

The battle was over in only three days.

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Short-Term Consequences

  • 1000 fighters were taken as prisoner.
  • The Cubans felt more free.
  • The Cubans stopped being as scared of their enemy.
  • The USA sent $50 million worth of food and medicine in exchange for the prisoners.
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Long-Term Consequences

  • A museum was opened in Playa Giron.
  • It consolidated Fidel Castro's (leader of Cuba's) revolution.
  • Cuba is still Communist - only country in Westen hemisphere.
  • Communism is still strong in Cuba.
  • Cuba is no longer friends with America.
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