B7: Blood Cells

Cells in the Blood Plasma

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  • carbon dioxide from respiring tissues to lungs
  • soluble products of digestion, from gut to cells
  • waste products e.g. urea from liver to kidneys, where it's made into urine
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Within Plasma: Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells:

-more numerous than other types

-number count increases in high altitdudes

-picks up oxygen in alveoli and tansports to respiring tissues

-biconcave disc shape = larger surface area = more oxygen diffusing

-no nuclues = more space to carry oxygen

-lots of haemoglobin:

  • picks up and reacts with oxygen = oxyhaemoglobin (brighter in colour)
  • splits to release oxygen at tissues
  • contains iron, less iron in diet = less red blood cells = anaemia
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Within Plasma: White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells:

-large nucleus

-defends body against attacking microbes

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