B6-brain and mind

learning skills and behaviour

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being able to Learn means you adapt to new situati

complex animals-larger vareity of potentional pathways.

Simpler animals-less flexible nervous systems-More predictable, less adaptable.

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diff parts of the brain process diff info

Cerebal cortex:

1) The Cerebal Cortex is outer part of the brain.

2)folded structure-makes the brain look wrinkled.

3)helpful for Intelligence, memory, language & conciousness.

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scientists use a range of methods to study the bra

Studying Brain damage:small part of brain damaged-effect on patient can tell you a lot about what damaged part of brain does.

Electrically stimulating the brain:Brain can bestimulated electrically by pushing tiny electrode into tissue and zapping it with elecricity.

MRI scans:Magnetic resonance imagining scanner (MRI)- Used to find out what area of brains are active when people are listening to music or using memory.

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Memory is the storage and retrieval of info

Two types of memory:

  • Long term
  • Short term
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Long-term memory:

  • memories stored from days, months, or years ago.

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Short term memory:

  • lasts from few secs to few hours.
  • Used for:

input from senses (e.g smell)

Recalling Longer term memories (e.g back to good old days)

Its easier to remeber things in: Patterns and with strong stimuli (e.g bright colours)

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