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B3 revision cards. Hope they help with the revision. I may not cover all the topics within B3 :)

P.S Sorry, there may be some spelling mistakes!

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Energy Transfer in the Food Chain

Energy Transfer -Only 10% of energy is passed on to the next stage in the food chain.

The rest of the energy is : used for life processes in the organisms, such as movement, escapes into the environment as heat energy, excreted as waste and passes to decomposers.

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B3 Monocultrue

Monoculture- The continual growing of one type of culture ( crop ).

Disadvantages :

- Can be easily harmed by pests and disease.

- Farmers have to use alot of chemical pestcides

- Large feilds and the use of pestcides can reduce the risk biodiversity = not sustainable!

- Large scale monculture could threaten food supply if a natural disaster wiped out the crop.

Sustainabilty - Using todays resorces without damaging them for future generations.

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