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An act done by the muscles without any mind control. 
Bratty V AG 

1) AR is not carried out voluntarily and does not have the specific offence MR. 
- Must be caused by an external factor eg: blow to the head or attack by swarm of bees - Hill V Baxter. 
R V T - exceptional stress is also sufficient. 
AG'S Ref - There must be total destruction of voluntary control not partial. 

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self induced automatism

When D knows their actions are likely to bring about an automatic state 
eg: a diabetic not eating after medication, drinking when told you - R V Bailey 

Specific intent = automatism is available. 

Basic intent = D is not available for defence unless:
- They do not know their actions will lead to an automatic state. 
- or a drug has a different than expected effect - R V Hardie 

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