Assessing your diet

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What is dietary assessment?

Process of evaluating diet, identifying food patterns and preferences

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Stages of dietary assessment

1. Measurement of intake

2. Calculation of nutrient intake

3. Evaluate intake against recommendations

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What asses dietary intake?

Clinical nutrition, adequacy and safety of the food we eat, relaionship between diet and disease, examine population intake

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Merits, errors and difficulties

Selection of the appropriate method will depend on the purpose for which it is needed

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How to assess dietary intakes


- Duplicate diet analysis

- Weighed dietary record

- Estimated dietary record


- Dietary recall

- Diet history

- Food frequency questionnaires

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What information is required for a dietary record?

-A report of all food and drink consumed

-Indication of habitual intake

-Quantification of portion size

-Detailed description of all food and drink consumed

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A report of all food and drink consumed

Misreporting is common - under-reporting is most common

Failure to record all foods often happens 

Food intake may be altered to facilitate recording

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An indication of habitual intake

Not many people consume the same food everyday

Error increased when diet is only assessed for one day

Dietary records usually kept for 3-7 days include weekdays and weekends

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Detailed description of all food and drink consume

Clear, descriptive, informative information should be used.

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Estimated records

Subjects have varying ability to estimate portion size and weight - women better than men

Irregular foods and large portion sizes are harder to estimate

Photographs and models may reduce errors

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