AS Chemistry Unit 2

Covering topics such as the reactions of and trends in Groups 7 and 2; catalysts; equilibria; redox

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Why does oxidising ablility increase up Group 7?

Because atomic radii decreases UP G7 so therefore the nucleus can more easily attract an electron from another species, causingh that species to lose an electron (become OXIDISED)

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Why bdoes reducing ability increasedown G7?

Because atomic radii increases DOWN G7 so therefore the nucleus's attracting power is less strong and so the outer electron of the G7 species is more easily lost, meaning another species has gained an electron (been REDUCED)

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What would you observe if you added silver nitrate

White ppt of AgCl that dissolves when dilute ammonia is added.

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Why does silver fluoride not form a ppt?

It is soluble in water - therefore we cannot add silver nitrate solution in order to identify fluoride ions.

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State and explain the trend in melting points goin

Melting points decrease down the group (bar magnesium) because the electrons in the 'sea' of delocalised electrons become increasingly further away from the positive nuclei going down the group, therefore less electrostatic attraction, therefore weaker metallic bond that is more easily broken.

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Why do G2 hydroxides

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