AQA Rivers

Basic Notes

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Drainage Basin

WATERSHED: An area of highland seperating each drainage basin. It is here that the water is directed to a specific river/tributary.

Hyrdrological Cycle

INPUTS = Precipitation and Energy From the Sun

STORAGE = Interception,Vegetation,Surface,Ground,Channel

PROCESSESS = Stemflow, Throughfall,Surface Run Off, Throughflow,Interception,Perculation,Groundwaterflow,BaseFlow,interflow,Channel Flow

OUTPUTS = evaporation,evaportranpiration, transpiration, channel flow. perculation into the ground.

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Water Balance



A dynamic record of the inputs and outputs of a drainage basin

A water surplus occurs in times of rain, when the level or evaporation is lower than the rate of precepitation. The ground becomes saturated and flooding occurs

A water defecit occurs when the evaporation levels are higher that the rate of precipetation causing hard/dry ground.

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