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Reasons for recruiting staff, such as the growth o

Reasons for recruiting staff, such as the growth of the business, changing job roles,filling vacancies caused by leavers, and internal promotion

  • A vacancy needs to be filled, recruitment can not only be external but also internal. This depends on the reason  why he vacancy have been put and the factors. e.g cost, time.  
  • The business is new and is growing and needs staff.
  • Promotions have happened internally and new staff needs to replace their previous position.
  • Different skilled staff is required.
  • A Form of labour is needed 

Turnover of staff - Is the amount of staff that are leaving compared to how many staff are normally employed. 

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The role and preparation of job descriptions and p

A job description gives details of the duties and responsibilities associated with a particular job. Job descriptions do vary from job to job and from business to business, but they will tend to include the following categories - Job titles - Who the employee is responsible to  - where the job is located - Brief job description - Hours - Pay - Working conditions. Person specification - A person specification gives details of the certain characteristics that would be expected of the sucessful applicant. It will be very closely related to the duties and responsibilities listed in the job description. - Experience - Skills - Qualifications & experience - Personal qualities 

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The strengths and weaknesses of job applications,

Advantages & Disadvantages of Job applications:

  • Job applications can be in a standardized format so that its easier for employers to scan the information and make comparisons.
  • They can easily gather the necessary information the require so that they can schedule an interview and see if you have the right experience and qualifications.


  • People may not be truthful and could lie in their application form.
  • People may not get the option or choice of saying something or writing in a preferred answer. 

CV's :  Disadvantages:

  • CV's gives general points whereas job applications provide specific information and is more relevant to the position. 
  • CV's may not be honest as these are written by the candidate and will want to impress the employer so that they stand out from other competitors. 

Letters of application - Is used to explain to the employer why the applicant wants the specific job role and why they are suitable for the job. 

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Discrimination refers to the unethical or illegal

Discrimination refers to the unethical or illegal treatment of one person based upon prejudice. The law deals with discrimination in 5 areas 1. Gender 2. Sex 3. Disability 4. Sexual Orientation 5. Race/Ethnicity

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The range of interviews, such as job, appraisal an

Interview tests includes Aptitude, IQ Test, Personality/Psychometric test. There can be 2 types of interviews. Appraisal Interviews -  Can be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of internal staff and identifies training needs. In the interview, open ended questions should be asked so that the employee doesn't feel threatened. Exit Interviews -  These interviews can be used to establish why staff are leaving and can then help identify possible problems and prevent more staff from leaving for the same reasons. 

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• Evaluating the recruitment and selection process

The right workers has a big impact on the success of a business. An effective recruitment process should be made. The effectiveness of a recruitment method can be measured in 4 ways. Labour Turnover - A low labour turnover usually indicates that the right staff have been employed. Cost- A High recruitment cost can suggest an ineffective recruitment process.  Legal compliance - The number of complaints or disputes can reflect the suitability of the process. Employee performance - Employees who establishes themselves in a business indicates a successful recruitment process has been used..  

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