An Inspector Calls

Summary of plot

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Act 1

  • The Birling familiy are enjoying an evening meal celebrating the engagement of Sheila to Gerald - atmosphere is happy and light-hearted
  • Just as everything seems to be going so well, an Insepctor arrives to investigate the suicide of a young girl named Eva Smith
  • Mr Birling  reaveals that he sacked Eva Smith. He doesn't see that he has any responsibilty towards her death. 
  • Sheila also reveals she had Eva Smith fired from her job at Milwards. Sheila feels hugely guilty and thinks she is responsible for the girls death
  • The Inspector then says  that the girl chamged her name to Daisy Renton and Geralds reaction tells us her knew her too. 
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Act 2

  • Gerald admits that he kept Daisy as his mistress but eventually ended the affair
  • Mrs Birling tells them that she denied help to a pregnant girl (Eva Smith/ Daidsy Renton) who asked her for help because she was pregnant and had no money. 
  • Eric enters just when we realise he is the father of the child 
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Act 3

  • Eric explains his relationship with the girl and that he stole money from his father to help her
  • The Inspector leaves
  • The family gradually realises that the inspector could have been a fraud as Gerald finds out that there is no inspector Google on the police force. 
  • They telephone the infirmary and its confirmed they haven't had a suicide for months
  • Mr and Mrs Birling are delighted but Eric and Sheila still feel responsible 
  • Then a phone call announces that an Inspector is on his way to investigate the suicide of a young girl
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