Americans who did not share prosperity.

forgotten members of society left behind by the technological and social advances

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Farmers were forgotten members of society left behind by the technological and social advances.

almost half the American people were engaged in Agriculture.

Farmers were now able to produce more crops because if new inventions such as combine harvesters.

So much food was produced that supply outweighed demand.

As a result of this surplus, food prices dropped and many farmers suffered from lower incomes. (however other americans benefited from lower food prices).

As incomes fell, farmers found it difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments. Some were evicted, others were forced to sell their land.

Farm labourers also found themselves out of work and drifted to towns or areas such as California where the fruit farms promised work.

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Black people and Immigrants.

Almost 1 million black farm workers lost their jobs in the 1920s.

Many moved from their homes in the south to the cities of the north.

Although they managed to find work here, they were usually the lowest paid.

The same was true for immigrants.

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Workers in older industries.

Not all industries benefited from the boom.

for example, the coal industry suffered as new forms of power - oil,gas,electricity - become more widely used.

The overproduction of coal led to lower wages or loss of jobs as mines closed down.

Other older industries such as cotton and textiles suffered in a similar - with new fabrics being used.

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