Advantages of the Scientific Method

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The scientific method is performed in a highly controlled environment and so is highly replicable. This allows researchers to repete the study many times in different settings, with different cultures and in different time periods. This means that the research will be more reliable and have higher temperal validity.


- Asch's study of conformity

- Milgram's study of obedience

Both these studies have been replicated numerous times both achieving simular results.

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Produces Quantitative Data

Most experiments that use the scientific method produce quantitative data. This means that the results gained are easy to compare and measure. This means that and subjectivity that could come from the collection of the results is reduced.


- Bennett-Levy and Marteau's study on the fear of animals

This was compiled on a scale so that data from all Ps could be compared

- Buss' study on human mate preferences

This was a questionnaire that could be compared

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Can Establish Causal Relationships

The scientific method is done in a highly controlled environment which ensures high internal validity. This means that variables are controlled so cause and effect can be established. Establishing cause and effect means behaviour can not only be described but also explained, meaning it can have useful real-life applications.


- Asch's study of conformity concluded group pressure caused conformity. His research was highly beneficial in its application in Jury Decision Making.

- Selye's research in the causes of stress has been useful in the development of stress treatments

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Behaviour can be Objectively Measured

This means that all psychologists would reach the same conclusion when given the data gathered, so it isn't open to interpretation. This ensures that reliable theories are developed into real life applications.


 - Buss used an objective questionnaire so the data wasn't open to interpretation. This meant that it had high internal validity and could be used to generate theories about sexual selection.

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Provides an Evidence Base for Theories

This means that they are accurate and reliable. This is crucial in developing trust-worthy theories that can be used in the real world as they aren't based on predictions or assumptions.This could result in many theories new theories being developed and was a new approach to behaviour. As a result of the scientific method, the study could also be repeated to check for consistency and therefore reliability.


- In Milgram's study of obedience his findings that 65% of participants went to 450v were completely against predictions that just 2-3% would. 

- Skinner's rat's findings have been applied to operant conditioning in the education system. 

- Pavlov's dogs

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