Additional Science-Physics Chapter 1

GCSE AQA Additional Science-Physics Chapter 1

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Distance-time graphs


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Distance-time graphs (cont.)

A distance-time graph shows the distance of a body from a starting point (y-axis) against time taken (x-axis).

The slope of the line on a distance-time graph represents speed, the steeper the line, the greater the speed it represents.

Speed is distance divided by time taken. (

The SI unit of speed is metres per second (m/s)

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Velocity and acceleration

Velocity is speed in a given direction. If the body changes direction it changes velocity, even if its speed stays the same.

If the velocity of a body changes, we say that it accelerates.

Acceleration is change in velocity divided by time taken (

A velocity-time graph shows the velocity of a body (y-axis) against time taken (x-axis).

  • The slope of the line represents acceleration
  • If the slope is negative, the body is decelerating
  • The area under the line on a velocity-time graph represents the distance traveled in the given time
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Velocity-time graphs

time (s) on x axis, velocity (m/s) on y axis (

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