A streetcar named desire


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There is something about her uncertain manner as well as her white clothes suggesting a moth

She moves out of the yellow streak of light

Stanley always smashed things. Why on our wedding night he snatched off one of my slippers and rushed about smashing lightbulbs with it

Yes I want Mitch...very badly!

Look who's coming  my rosenkavinder bow to me first! now peresent them

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He was a boy,just a boy and i was a very young girl

I made the discovery love

All at once and much much to completely

It was like you suddenly tuned a blnding light on something that had always been in half in shadow


...that it stuck the world for me

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I didn't know anything except i loved him unendurably

the search which had be turned on the world,was turned of again

..Since has there been any light stranger than this


You need somebody and i need somebody

Blanche didn't love him but worshipped the ground he stood on

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It's gonna be sweet when we can make more noise in the night the way that we used to and get the coloured lights going

I'll tell you what i want magic! yes magic! i try to give that to people

The intimacies with strangers was all i seemed to fill my empty head

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