Working Memory Model

Working Memory Model

I have compiled these notes as part of my AS Psychology course. The notes are a brief overview of the Working Memory Model, and are part of the AQA Psychology A Specification.


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Working Memory Model
Central Executive
This holds the information or data and allocates it to one of the "slave systems". The central
executive has a limited capacity.
Slave Systems
Visuo-Spatial Scratchpad
This processes visual and spatial data
Phonological Loop
The "Inner Voice" and "Inner Ear" processes information and stores it for 1 ­ 2 seconds.
Evaluation of the Working Memory Model
Dual Task studies support the two "slave systems"
Doesn't emphasize the need to rehearse data in short term memory; in contrast to
the Multi-Store model
Physiological evidence ­ scans have shown different parts of the brain working on
different tasks
The role of the Central Executive is unclear and the capacity of this is unknown
The model doesn't consider the long term memory
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